False Rape Charges to Blackmail: Five shocking allegations made by Adil Khan Durrani against Rakhi Sawant!

Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani got married in May 2022 but the relationship turned sour within a few months of their wet. In no time, Rakhi went on to make serious allegations against Adil, ranging from domestic violence to cheating. As a result, Adil was embroiled in a judicial battle. 

Months later, as a response to Rakhi's allegations, Adil hosted a press conference and shared his side of story and tortured endured at the hands of Rakhi. 

Here are 5 major allegations that Adil made against Rakhi: 

1. Real Age Gap

Adil revealed about the real age gap between the couple. He said that he is actually 19 years younger than Rakhi, but the actress would tell the media that their age gap is just 7 years! 

2. False Rape Allegations by an Iranian Girl

Adil claimed that whatever allegations have been made by an Iranian girl in an ongoing rape case are false and it was Rakhi's plan. "She gave that Irani girl Rs 3 lakh in cash, and promised to make her a star. She told her they will get Rs 25 to 30 lakhs from me. She took help from her and went to Mysore police station to lodge an FIR against me for rape. She said that she knows me since 5 years and I raped her one and a half years ago. Then what was she doing all along?," claimed Adil. 

3. Recorded His Nude Videos to Blackmail Him 

Adil shared that Rakhi recorded his nude videos of him during their video calls.

4. Spent Lakhs on Her Dresses 

Adil further stated that he spent lakhs on Rakhi's designer clothes.

5.Adil Alleges Physical Assault by Rakhi

Adil claimed that he was beaten by Rakhi when he asked for divorce.

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