Babil Khan misses 'Baba' Irrfan, says 'it makes me feel like I didn’t value your concern enough'

Babil Khan penned a note for his father, Irrfan, on Instagram. Remembering him fondly, the young starlet weaved beautiful words as he recalled priceless moments spent with him. Sharing a picture of the late actor holding a trophy in his hand, Babil got emotional

Read Babil's note for his 'baba':

Those eyes that watch
a validation which you have already explored to
spiritually absorb through internal means rather than the external illusions of self-worth, i’d blame your stubborn determination of committing a lifetime to transcending from innate survival
instincts to a journey engraved in cultivating your creative ‘intuitions’, through
means greater than
'understanding and intellect', and yet
in your actions towards the compulsion of celebrity you were truthfully eager to live
your/the physical experience of the very ironic phenomenon; as if even with the awareness of what was going to happen, you believed in the uncertainties of the known. And that for me is the seemingly unachievable mantle I want to hold in relation to the craft of acting; to be aware that a story might have a systematically planned narrative but the magic is the ability to create (through surrender) within the mechanics of artificiality, I want that enlightenment of process so dear in my palms.
I miss when you used to
look at Ayaan and I with that glint in your eye as if nothing else existed, even after you had achieved more than a man could ask from himself, just in those moments I realised you loved being a father more than being an actor, and imagine that after being the best actor in the world. It makes me feel like I didn’t value your concern enough. I miss our laughter baba.


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Workwise, Babil made his acting debut with the Netflix film Qala. He has projects like The Railway Men and several other unannounced titles in the pipeline. 

(Source: Instagram)