Sunny Leone claps back at all her naysayers from Kennedy screening at Cannes, says ‘they told me you are just this glamour quotient we’ve added in film’

Sunny Leone is at the Cannes Film Festival for an extremely valid reason; her film Kennedy is getting its world premiere at the event. In a recent interview from the French Riviera, Sunny said that now no one can point fingers at her saying that she is in the film because of her additional ‘glamour quotient’.

Kennedy directed by Anurag Kashyap and starring Rahul Bhat, Abhilash Thapliyal and Sunny premiered under the Midnight Screenings section at Cannes 2023. In an interview, Sunny spoke about the mean comments she has received over the years and now with Kennedy she can shut everyone up.


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She said, “I believe that your actions are louder than your words. All those people who said you can’t do this, or you’re not good enough, or you know you are just Sunny Leone, the porn star, you are just this glamour quotient that we’ve added, all of these different comments that have gone on for so many years. You can’t say that this time. You can’t just say Sunny Leone is in this film because of who she is and what her past was.”

Sunny further spoke about being hurt by the mean comments that came her way and said, “People out there don’t always know how their comments or what they say or people who write these articles that are just nasty or people who don’t believe in you, they think the worst of you. You hide behind your smile going, ‘no, it’s okay, I’m going to push past this’ but deep down inside it does hurt your feelings and it does affect you but as an entertainer, you are not allowed to show that.”

(Source: Forbes India)