Abhishek Banerjee Birthday Special: Reprising roles in Stree 2, Bhediya 2, Rana Naidu 2 and Dream Girl 2, here’s a look at the actor’s impressive line-up of franchise projects

Maestro of versatility, Abhishek Banerjee has always owned his characters and has executed them to perfection. From playing a variety of characters like Jaana, Hathoda Tyagi, or Jaffa, the actor has made a distinguishable place in the hearts of the audience and has become the go-to choice for filmmakers in the industry. Today, as Abhishek Banerjee turns a year older, it is the right time to look forward to the incredible line of work that is coming ahead from the actor.

It comes as a complete shock to the spectator to see the same actor portray a brutally violent role in one film/ series and a naive and innocent one in the other, but Abhishek prevails in that regard. What the actor offers is exactly what an audience wants to see and so do the filmmakers. Abhishek with his brilliant acting acuity, has made his characters alive on the screens which has already landed him with a bag with full of interesting projects with characters that are distance apart from each other.

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Abhishek’s incredible lineup includes Stree 2, Dream Girl 2, or Bhediya 2 and the star is all set to bring back his characters from these famous franchises to the audience. With his character being the only constant thing in the film, the filmmakers are more than happy to cast him in his popular characters. Abhishek's characters have become a very core part of these franchises and have garnered immense popularity. One example being, the director of Stree and Bhediya, Amar Kaushik is creating a universe of Horror comedy in which Abhishek's character of Jaana plays a very crucial role.

Additionally, Abhishek's characters in these movies are connected to one another and play equally significant roles, which undoubtedly aids in the movie's ability to establish a connection with its audience. Additionally, Rana Naidu season 2 was just revealed, which has increased our excitement to see what else Abhishek will be bringing to the screen as Jaafa.

So concluding Abhishek's interesting line-up, he has Stree 2 and Bhediya 2 in his bag along with Dream Girl 2, Rana Naidu 2. He also has Apurva, and Section 84 in the pipeline.

(Source: Agencies)