Pooja Bedi tests positive for COVID-19, chooses to remain unvaccinated for this reason


Vaccines to curb the impact of the deadly COVID-19 are now available for people above the age of 18. While most of the citizens are either partially or fully vaccinated, there are some people who prefer to remain unvaccinated. One of them is Pooja Bedi. The actress has been vocal about not getting vaccinated and now, she has contracted coronavirus. Pooja shared a video on Instagram and spoke about testing positive. 

In the caption, Pooja said she chose to remain unvaccinated as she wants to allow her natural immunity to heal her. "COVID POSITIVE!!!! I have finally been diagnosed as covid positive. I chose/choose to stay unvaccinated as its my personal decision to allow my own natural immunity and alternative healing and wellness practices to accelerate my healing. You do what's right for you. Each to their own," she wrote. 

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In her video, Pooja said there is a need for caution, not for panic. The actress told that she developed an allergy a few days ago. When she got herself tested, it was revealed that she contracted COVID-19. "It's quite the virus that kinda knocks you out," she told in the video. 

Pooja assured that she is taking all necessary precautions. She added that her focus now is to get better soon and come out of it stronger. The actress shared that she finally got some time to rest as she was busy with her work schedules. Pooja informed that her fiance and househelps have also tested positive. 

(Source: Instagram)