Sutapa Sikdar reveals 'Sardar Udham' was Irrfan's dream role, says 'I am sure he is happy up there to see Vicky Kaushal play the role'


The first actor who came into the mind of the makers of Shoojit Sircar's Sardar Udham to play the lead role was the phenomenal actor, late Irrfan. Due to his chronic illness and unfortunate demise, the makers of the movie saw Sardar Udham in Vicky Kaushal. Going by the initial response and reviews, we can surely say that has absolutely nailed it. We could see the love for our country and a passion in his eyes as Sardar Udham, and fans of Vicky have been praising the actor for his performance. 

As the film released, a leading news website reached out to Irrfan's wife Sutapa to get her reaction on the film, given the project has a personal connection to her. Sutapa shared her thoughts and said, “I don’t know how to put this, but objectively, I couldn’t see the film as just a film. Sardar Udham is not just a film. For me, it’s a dream Irrfan wanted to live. So it is very difficult for me to comment on it as a film.”

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Talking about Vicky’s performance, Sutapa added, “When I looked at Vicky on screen, many pages of diaries flooded my memories. I remembered Irrfan’s excitement to do Sardar Udham and his childlike happiness whenever he had a tough role to do. Looking at Vicky, I remembered Irrfan in National School of Drama (NSD). It is unfair to compare both of them at this stage, because Irrfan was much older to Vicky in experience and age when he was to do the film. But, I saw glimpses of passion, dedication, hard work and love for cinema in Vicky’s face just like Irrfan. I am sure Irrfan is happy up there to see Vicky play Sardar Udham Singh. After all, it was Irrfan’s dream role!”

Sardar Udham released on Amazon Prime Video on October 16 (today) and the initial response and reviews have been good. 

(Source: India Today)