Gajraj Rao raises voice against reels on song Shut Up & Bend Over, shares video of an artist bashing the latest Instagram trend


After the Government of India banned the use of Chinese apps like TikTok in the country, netizens have switched to Instagram reels to display their 'talent'. Going viral in 2021 in the virtual space is more important than any big achievement in the real world and many millennials would agree. Reels on Instagram is a successful new addition to the app but it too has its side effects. Right from youngsters to middle-aged people and even senior citizens are using the feature to pass time without realising and comprehending the lyrics. Without understanding the basic lyrics and its impact, people are proudly making reels on songs like Shut Up & Bend Over. The viral song has explicit content.    

As the trend of reels on Shut Up & Bend Over continues to attract people of all age groups for reasons unknown, an artist named Prasad Bhat recorded a video to slam all those who are making clips on the song. In his video, Prasad gave an example of an elderly lady performing yoga on a song with explicit lyrics. Lashing out at those who include children in reels with such songs, he asked how much dignity will they lose to go viral. 


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Gajraj Rao extended support to Prasad and shared his video on his Instagram account. He wrote, "Totally agree with Prasad…"

Gajraj, a renowned Bollywood actor, has never shied away from speaking up his mind. In the past, he took a dig at Hindi cinema and praised Malayalam films for not settling for mediocrity. Showering praise on Fahadh Faasil's Joji, he wrote, "I recently watched 'Joji' and I'm sorry to say this, but I have a bone to pick with all of you. Enough is enough. It is not fair that you are constantly coming up with original ideas and executing them with utmost sincerity, making actually good cinema. You need to learn a thing or two from other regional cinema, and especially us here in Hindi. You need to do some mediocre work also. Where are the tiring marketing campaigns and promotions? Where are the soulless remakes? Where is the obsession with weekend box office collections? This is too much."


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He added, "I hope you will not take any of this seriously, and continue the good work you are doing. In a non-pandemic world, I'll always be ready with the popcorn for your films, first day first show." 

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