‘There is no unnecessary burden on me alone to be taking care of the house, it’s an egalitarian household,’ says Richa Chadha on moving in with beau Ali Fazal


Richa Chadha recently spoke about how things have been since she and beau Ali Fazal moved in together last year in November. She spoke about her deep and fulfilling relationship with Ali and how they have been dividing their household responsibilities ever since.

In an interview with a leading daily, the actress said that even though they are a betrothed couple they are really good friends. Richa said, “We are really good friends. We are thick as friends. We started as friends. We started with conversations about literature, theatre, our common passions, music and poetry. So our base is very strong that way. Because of this, now that we started living together, there is no unnecessary burden on me alone to be taking care of the house or household things, things like dealing with the carpenter or the plumber. We manage all that quite well."

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She further added, “We had one lockdown since we moved in. We divided the chores of the house between us. We definitely give each other space, about our work. I do not think he has to do anything special for me, I think his daily living is quite like… it is a very egalitarian household. It is not like the previous generation where the woman was (expected to do all household chores). Ali Fazal cooks wonderfully, he keeps the house wonderfully. He has become a good cat parent. All these things matter to me a lot,”

Talking about their relationship, Richa told the daily, “I think, I too (do the same). when I know that he is busy with work and all. I ensure if he has any special diet needs or anything, those are met. Basically, we are there for each other, in the complete sense, which is not always on Instagram. It is just a fulfilling, lovely and deep relationship. I do feel like, in this sh**ty cesspool, it is nothing short of a miracle to find somebody who is so great.”

Richa and Ali were supposed to get married last year in April but had to postpone their wedding due to the pandemic.

(Source: Hindustan Times)