Baggage that we once carried was addressed as we spent time: Janhvi Kapoor on siblings Arjun Kapoor, Anshula Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor


For the very first time, Janhvi Kapoor teamed up with her elder half-brother Arjun Kapoor for a magazine shoot. Arjun and his sister Anshula Kapoor stepped forward as Janhvi and her younger sister Khushi Kapoor's pillars of strength after they lost their mother, Sridevi. Post the tragedy, all 4 children of Boney Kapoor have grown closer to each other. Talking to the lifestyle magazine, Janhvi revealed whether the Kapoor siblings make an effort to meet often or talk more often. 

"We started off by making plans over the first couple of months, but now we meet for family dinners every two or three weeks. It doesn't feel like, ‘Oh, we must make an effort or we must meet’, there is a willingness to meet as a family. It feels much more organic now and I don’t know whether we are similar in terms of our personalities [even Khushi and I are very different from each other], but a lot of the baggage that we once carried was addressed once we spent time with each other," Janhvi told. 

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Arjun and Anshula are Boney's children from his first marriage with Mona Shourie, who passed away in 2012 due to cancer. Janhvi and Khushi are Boney's daughters from his second marriage with Sridevi, who lost her life in 2018 after allegedly drowning in a hotel room's bathtub in Dubai. 

Speaking about his equation with Janhvi and Khushi in the past, Arjun told the magazine, "There were silences. We would meet, but there was no communication worth quantifying."

(Source: Harper's Bazaar India)