Renée Sen opens up about her bond with mother Sushmita Sen, says 'our relationship has changed now that we are in the same field'


Sushmita Sen's 21-year-old daughter Renée Sen, who recently made her acting debut with a short film titled Suttabaazi, talked about following her mother's footsteps into the world of acting. The star kid also discussed the possibility of sharing screen space with her mom Sush. 

When asked about choosing a career in acting, the star kid said, "My mother’s journey is very different from mine. She can always share her experiences but in the end, it's my decision to take things forward. I can only be told about the pros and cons. I have been in my mom’s shoes but I haven’t stayed there for long. Facing the camera is not easy. There are so many things to be taken care of. I have realised that wanting to be an actor and to actually become one are totally different things. You can be having a really bad day but you just can't let that show in your work. I really got to learn a lot of things. Just like every other profession, you have to work really hard. Especially for the dreams that I have for myself, it's going to take a lot of hard work."

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On growing up as Susmita's daughter, Renée said, "I loved my childhood. I am so blessed. My mom is really relaxed. She values discipline but we--Alisah and I--have our own space. She gives us that. She doesn’t pressurise us in any way. She is really motivating. I am so happy I can talk to her. Our relationship has changed now that we are in the same field."

When asked if she would like to work with her mother Sushmita, Renée said, "Yes, I would love to work with her. Why not! It excites me. We have spoken about it so many times at home. But I also know that to reach where she is, will take me a lot of time. When I saw ‘Aarya’, I was spellbound! I told her I want to work with her but I have to work a lot on myself to get to where she is. Although we have talked about working together, we have never really discussed a genre per se. So, maybe a love story or an action film." 

(Source: TOI)