Himesh Reshammiya to launch Indian Idol 12 singers Pawandeep and Arunita in the first song of his new album ‘Moods With Melodies’


After the stupendous success of Surroor 2021’s title track which is Himesh Reshammiya’s 3rd Studio album as a singer, the song is a smashing success and has garnered more than 38 million views in just a few days of its release and more than 2 million music streams, he has announced another music album on his label titled Moods With Melodies Volume 1.

Himesh on world music day 21st June 2021 will announce the release date of the first song which he has composed from the album Moods With Melodies in which he will be launching Indian Idol season 12 singers Pawandeep and Arunita together.

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Himesh has been instrumental in giving break to a lot of newcomers at a very early stage in their career like Darshan Rawal , Akasa Singh , Palak Muchchal , Mohd Irfan, Ranu Mondal , Vinit Singh, Aman Trikha and many others. Himesh keeps supporting upcoming talent and gives them some best compositions which work for their voice and as promised on the show Indian Idol season 12 this year Himesh has lauched Pawandeep and Arunita even before the show's finale.

Himesh has incredible faith in his composition and Pawan and Arunita's voice. When asked he said, “In the album Moods with Melodies I will be collaborating with the best talent of the world, upcoming singers, and super star singers and legends also. I have made these compositions for all the different singers , melody will be intact in each song but the texture of the voice and composition in each song will be completely different from each other.”

(Source: Agencies)