‘This is my time so I am saying it,’ Neena Gupta reveals a ‘top’ filmmaker made a crass comment about her when she refused to sleep with him


Neena Gupta, in her recently released memoir Sach Kahun Toh has been dropping one truth bombs after another. She revealed that a ‘big’ filmmaker once made a crass comment about her after she refused to perform sexual favours for him. She said that the comment was made in front of other actors which left her fuming. Neena has said that she wanted to name and shame him but was advised against it by her friends in the industry and did not name him in her book as the publishers warned her of legal consequences.

Speaking with Sonali Bendre, Neena said that she maintained her silence earlier because she was just a ‘struggling actor’ and people would have raised fingers at her integrity if she spoke against more ‘popular’ people. Neea said, “This film director told me in front of everybody, ‘Cheezon ko istemaal nahi karo toh zung lag jaata hai (If you don’t use things, they begin to rust)’, because I was not sleeping with him. I kind of refused indirectly. He said it in front of everybody, all the actors and everybody.”


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The actress further said, “I was very angry. I came back and told my friends, ‘I want to tell the press that this is what he said to me.’ And my friends said, ‘Who will listen to you? He is a big name. Nobody will listen to you. What’s the point? Tumhari badnaami hogi (Your name will only be besmirched).’ Phir bhi (Even then), I told somebody and then he said some very nasty things about me. Then, my friends said, ‘See, this is what is going to happen. It will become very dirty. So, just keep quiet. When your time comes, you say.’ This is my time so I am saying it.”

Neena has penned her autobiography Sach Kahun Toh which elucidates her life, from her childhood in Delhi, to moving to Mumbai and raising daughter Masaba Gupta alone and out of wedlock.

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