20 Years Of Lagaan: Winning an award isn't important, for me my audience has to be happy and satisfied: Aamir Khan on film not bagging an Oscar

Aamir Khan's Lagaan is one of the landmark films of Bollywood that left an impact on the global platform too. Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, the film also starred Gracy Singh, Rachel Shelley, Paul Blackthorne, Yashpal Sharma, Suhasini Mulay and several others. It was Aamir's first production under his banner Aamir Khan Productions. Today, we are celebrating 20 years of Lagaan. On this occasion, Aamir, who played the role of Bhuvan in the film, interacted with the media, virtually. During the interaction, Aamir reacted to Lagaan making it to the Oscars but not winning an award. 

The actor said that though he was disappointed, he saw the brighter side of the situation. Aamir told that making it to the Oscars is a difficult process and it is a big thing for films that are nominated for the prestigious awards ceremony. "Of course, I was disappointed. We would have liked to win. A lot of people asked what different could be done in Lagaan so that it would have won an Oscar. Was it because of the songs? or was it because of the length? I have been trying to tell people over the years but they haven't bought it that at the Oscars, it is such a difficult process to be nominated.

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He added, "It is so difficult that if you are nominated, a huge percentage of the committee members have loved your film. So much so that you are in the top 5. In LA, if you are a nominee, they will consider all the films are standing on the finish line. Every film is equally good. After that, it is like one person is told to step forward and becomes the winner. In that sense, the rest of them are just one step behind. What we fail to appreciate is the members of the committee actually loved our film. If they didn't, we wouldn't have reached that level. There was nothing wrong with the film. The songs, length, cricket etc. everything was loved by the members, that’s why we got nominated. The film was highly appreciated, look at it positively not negatively. The fact that you reached the top 5 is a very big thing." 

The superstar further said that one shouldn't take awards seriously. "Most of you must be knowing my opinion on award ceremonies. I'm going into the detail now. You can't compare films. For example, Lagaan and Dangal are my films. How can you compare them? Can you say which one is better? You can’t compare two different films. Don’t take awards so seriously. That’s my rule. Dangal and Lagaan excellent films. If they would have released in the same year, then only one would have received an award. Does that mean the other film is less? No, it doesn't mean that," he told. 

Aamir stated, "Whenever you see any sports competition, there is no subjectivity. Either you jump the highest or you don’t; you run the fastest or you don't. It’s a clear decision, we have a clear winner. Cinema mein aisa nahi hai. It is very subjective. Sports aur films mein yeh antar hai."

Aamir shared that winning the audience's heart is his utmost priority and not awards. "Talking about Oscars, I give it some value because of the processes that they follow. It also gives a window of opportunities for marketing. When Lagaan was nominated, many people wanted to see the film. A lot of them actually watch Oscar-nominated films. You have the opportunity to increase your audience and that’s how I look at it. For me, winning an award isn't important. It is important that the audience for whom we have made the film likes it. Usse bada award koi nahi hai," Aamir added. 

(Transcribed By: Tanmayi Savadi)