Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals she had a 'constant craving of wanting Pizzas and Pastas' through both her pregnancies


Following the release of an exciting and fun-filled first look, the upcoming celebrity cooking show ‘Star Vs Food’ is all set to premiere its first episode with the stunning Bollywood diva, Kareena Kapoor Khan on discovery+, India's first aggregated real-life entertainment streaming platform.  

Under the watchful mentorship of celebrated chef, Sarita Pereira of The Lovefools, Kareena Kapoor Khan tries her hand at whipping up a made-from-scratch gourmet Pizza for a few of her closest friends while getting candid about her love for food and dishing out little-known details about her life.  

On the overall result of her stint in the kitchen, she said, “I think I have done a pretty good job, like I actually made this from scratch. Of course, with her guidance but it is tasting amazing.” 

Kareena, in a conversation with Chef Sarita, spilled the beans about the Kapoor family's passion for food. She said, "Every time we sit at a table, I feel like we are one of those old Italian family, we are screaming, Koi Kha Raha Hai, we are eating, drinking, laughing because food is something that should bring joy to you."  

Speaking about her particular love for Italian food and her pregnancy cravings, she added, "So, basically like through the pregnancy, I had, it was just like a constant craving of wanting Pizzas and Pastas. It was just weird throughout, both my boys." 

Speaking about whether or not she cooked during the lockdown, she shared, , "I think during the lockdown, everyone was kind of making banana bread, I didn't make banana bread, but Saif was really experimenting with a lot of food." 

She revealed that her husband Saif Ali Khan and son Taimur had a great time last year with baking dishes at home. While talking about who oversees the kitchen at her house, she said, "Taimur and Saif love it; they love being in the kitchen and I am kind of the in charge of the music. They like to listen to nice Jazz music." 

When asked about the three things the actress takes to bed, she gave a savage naswe saying, "A Wine Bottle, Pajamas and Saif Ali Khan."