Of minimalistic aesthetics and warm hues- A peek inside Sonakshi Sinha’s dreamy den!


Sonakshi Sinha who resides with her parents and brothers in their bungalow Ramayan in Juhu has got the top floor redesigned for herself. Art Director and Interior Designer Rupin Suchak, who has earlier done up Alia Bhatt's office space has now worked on Sonakshi's new pad which is an ultra-minimalistic and functional space.

Talking about the theme and design of the house, Rupin said, "The foundation of the space is minimalistic and clean. Airy palettes through rich textures and geometric shapes, where every piece of furniture is a statement piece. Sonakshi’s artistic instincts have been carefully extended as an element of design in the entire space. It's a beautiful, super cozy space with an accommodating vibe. The entire space has turned out very close to my heart. Space stands out in its entirety. Nonetheless, there is an art deco clubbed with a modern vibrant pop art entrance that leads to the living room. It's my favourite piece and the artistic splash of colours used here offer that extra bold zing and pop that relates to Sonakshi's Dabangg personality."

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Speaking about the overhaul, Sonakshi said, “I’m sure everyone who lives with family would understand this, I was craving for my own space. Of course I have always had a room to myself and all the privacy in the world but really setting up a full floor just for myself is a first and has been an indulgence. I had very clear imagery of my apartment and Rupin brought it to reality in a heartbeat. In fact, all through the lockdown I have been going through websites and checking out pictures, referencing and researching. When I walked into the apartment after it was done, it felt as if I have been living in it for ages now, it has shaped up on-point.”