Here's why Nora Fatehi wore two different heels with the same outfit in her latest song 'Naach Meri Rani'!


Did you know Nora Fatehi has donned two separate footwear with the same outfit in her song Naach Meri Rani? As the electrifyingly exuberant performer Nora broke her shoes (high heel shoes) with her remarkable energy, the makers had to arrange for a new pair to complete the shoot. 

Leaving no stone unturned to perfect her act, Nora exhibited unreal energy, leaving the makers stumped. Nora Fatehi wore limited edition heels for the song and demonstrated such vigorous high octane dance moves that the entire her shoes fall into pieces. The team then had to arrange for a different set of shoes to complete the song urgently.

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If you closely observe, you would notice, Nora wears two different sets of shoes in the song, owing to her infectious energy that the heels couldn't succumb to her hardcore moves.

Giving an account of the incident, Nora shared, "Naach Meri Rani' is a very upbeat and groovy song, I was extremely excited. I love getting into the groove of any character, the moves required strong foot work and powerful leg movements. and when we shot for it the first day, I gave it my all, however, funnily enough, the heels of my shoes ripped off and the team had to arrange for another pair as we were yet to complete the shoot."

With just a glimpse of the rehearsals, Nora's fans created a storm across social media anticipating the release of the song. Witnessing the sneak peek into the high-octane dance routine of the video, fans started imitating her steps, looking up to their aspirational icon. 

The song released this morning.