Music dies when it’s source is compromised: Sona Mohapatra asks Pooja Bhatt to reflect than being defensive over nepotism row


Pooja Bhatt recently faced trolls for nepotism after she announced her upcoming film Sadak 2 will give birth to brand new talent. Pooja, who is the daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and sister of actress Alia Bhatt, was blamed to be supporting nepotism in the film industry. After her Sadak 2 announcement, singer Sona Mohapatra gave a few suggestions about how the initiative would “mean so much more if these musicians had a stake in their music’s success.”

Talking about Sadak 2, she announced on Twitter, “Even #Sadak2 gives birth to a brand new talent in the form of @Suniljeet72 A music teacher from Chandigarh who came to our office with no prior appointment,a dream,a harmonium & a brilliant song called ‘Ishq Kamaal’ that was absorbed into the film on first hearing by my father.”

Sona hailed Pooja for the same but suggested that the new talent should also get the benefits of the music’s success. Reacting to Pooja’s tweet, Sona wrote on Twitter, “That is so nice Pooja.Your banner has been known to spot new talent for sure. Would mean so much more if these musicians had a stake in their music’s success? Everyone just ends up doing the favour of the ‘opportunity’ & this is an endless cycle in #Bollywood. Zero concept of IP.”

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She added in another tweet, “& not that I blame you or Vishvesh films. It is a systemic problem in our industry & country; ‘exploit or be exploited’. That music labels in India don’t have an A&R in place that discover, nurture and promote artists - the heart of modern music business is the biggest tragedy.”

Stressing on the need for creating a healthier ecosystem for all, she wrote, “Having said that @PoojaB1972, might be a time to reflect on creating a healthier, creative eco-system instead of just being defensive? This mindset of-“We provide you the chance, so we will make all the money out of your work” for creators of music is truly exploitative & wrong.”

Sona also put forward the idea of making music composers as well as song writers sharing a portion of their earnings with the film banner. She tweeted, “& if your banner launches,promotes talent,helps reach a wider audience,it is perfectly right for such artists to be signed to pay u a percentage of their earnings.Thing is most composers,writers don’t from shows.Only singers do.Music dies when it’s source most compromised. #India.”

Recently, Kangana Ranaut's team had slammed Pooja for stating that the actress was launched by Vishesh Films.