Yash Johar is dilfek like me, Roohi Johar is tough love: Karan Johar on his twins on Father's Day 2020


Karan Johar, on February 7, 2017, embraced fatherhood with the arrival of his twins- Yash Johar and Roohi Johar. The filmmaker stepped into the new phase of his life via surrogacy. Since then, he is experiencing the bliss of fatherhood. Today (June 21), as the world celebrates Father's Day, Karan got candid about his parenthood and revealed unknown anecdotes about Yash and Roohi. While fans of the twins have seen their goofy and sarcastic side via Lockdown With The Johars series, there are somethings that their 'dadda' Karan shared during an interview with a leading daily. 

Talking about their respective personalities, Karan told that Yash is just like his father late Yash Johar. Calling Yash dilfek and someone always ready for a hug, Karan said one has to earn Roohi's affection. "Yash has taken after me and my dad. He is a dilfek, always ready to greet you with a hug. Roohi’s is tough love. You have to earn her affection. She is like my mother," Karan told.


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Remembering an incident when Yash and Roohi both had fallen seriously ill and he wasn't in India, Karan said he had his heart in his throat while travelling back home. Stating that fatherhood has unleashed a never-seen-before side of him, the filmmaker said he has started understanding his mother Hiroo Johar better now. "I have never been the hyper kind. But once, both Yash and Roohi had fallen seriously ill and I was not in India. I will never forget that flight back home. I had my heart in my throat. I never thought I had that in me! And I think I have started to understand my mother better now," he added.

(Source: Hindustan Times)