‘I am happy being an actor,’ says Sonu Sood refuting rumours of joining politics


Sonu Sood who has been getting accolades for his relief work in getting migrant workers to reach their home amid the Coronavirus lockdown has shut down rumours of harbouring political ambitions. During an interview with a portal, Sonu who has been actively arranging buses for migrant workers denied joining Indian politics or a stepping stone for him to join the BJP.

He said, “I have no interest in politics. I have been offered to join politics, but I am not even interested in it even one per cent. I am very happy being an actor. I am doing very well for myself in the acting profession. I am not going to join politics.”

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Sonu further said, “Every state has different governments and we are seeking permissions from each state ... These allegations are not upsetting me. All I care is that people are calling me from everywhere and thanking me. That’s my biggest gift. I have no interest in joining politics. I haven’t slept for four days ... Each hour that I sleep means that I miss out on those needing my help.”

Sonu has even airlifted 177 Odia girls who were stranded in Kerala to reach their home. Last night he sent 1000 migrant workers to their home towns in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar via multiple trains from Thane. He personally came to see them off and provided food kits to them for their journey. Sonu has been hailed by netizens as well as political leaders. He met the Governor of Maharashtra recently to apprise them of the relief work and also received high praise from Governor of Punjab, CM of Odisha, CM of Punjab, Smriti Irani and the film fraternity.

(Source: Gulf News)