Lockdown With The Johars: While Karan's son Yash suggests a 'unique' way to cut hair, Deepika Padukone is fascinated by Roohi 'lurking' in the background


It won't be wrong to say that Karan Johar and his kids Yash Johar-Roohi Johar are winning hearts amid the nationwide lockdown. Be it them body-shamming their father, planning to wash him or finding Shah Rukh Khan in his closet, the kids know how to delight us with their series Lockdown With The Johars. In the latest video shared by Karan on Instagram today, Yash devised a unique solution to cut hair at home. Well, yes.

In the video, Karan asked Yash, 'Do you think you need a haircut?'. In response to this, the little one said, 'I just cut my hair'. The filmmaker then asked, 'But dadda’s hair is also very long, even your hair is very long. How d we cut our hair?'. Soon after this, Yash picked up a medicine bottle, showing it to his father, who asked, 'But how will he medicine cut the hair?'. Yash, with the gesture of cutting, said, 'cut, cut, cut' leaving Karan in splits. 


My son has suggested a unique way of cutting hair! Please don’t try this at home! #lockdownwiththejohars

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However, amid all this, the little Roohi was lurking from behind and this caught the attention of none other than Deepika Padukone. The actress dropped in a comment expressing her excitement on watching Roohi's curiosity. "please watch Roohi lurking in the back!," wrote Deepika.

Well, Lockdown With The Johars is something that we all fancy, isn't it?

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