He still has her perfume and picture in his wallet: Warda Nadiadwala talks about Sajid Nadiadwala’s first wife late actress Divya Bharti being an integral part of their lives


Actress Divya Bharti breathed her last at the tender age of 19 years. Her death was untimely and immensely tragic that sent shockwaves across the nation. She was married to producer Sajid Nadiadwala. After she passed away, Nadiadwala tied the knot with Warda Khan in 2000. In a recent interaction with an entertainment portal, Warda spoke at length about Sajid’s first wife whose death bore much impact on their lives.

Warda spoke about how she is frequently trolled over Divya. Talking about Divya, Warda revealed that even after 27 years of her death, Divya is still very much a part of their lives and they cherish her memories. Talking about the same she said, “I know people keep throwing these questions sometimes. Sometimes they think I am being trolled. Divya is still very much a part of our lives. Her family, her dad, her brother Kunal, they are like our family, they are a part of each celebration. So when you guys try to troll me, please know that I am not getting trolled. On her anniversaries and birthdays, we speak to each other. When my children watch her movies, they call her ‘Badi Mummy’. So, guys, she is still a very, very beautiful part of our lives.”

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Talking about Sajid’s love for Divya, Warda said, “Sajid still has her last touched Perfume, hair products, few more Items ....... she was part for his Debut film (KICK) Saat samundar....," she wrote. For those uninitiated, it was Sajid who insisted that the track ‘Saat Samundar Par’ from Divya's film Vishwatma be a part of his directorial debut, Salman Khan starrer Kick.”

She also revealed that her first date with Sajid had a Divya connection with it. She said, “Ya strangely i think she’s instrumental in getting us together I met Sajid Nadiadwala for an interview on her first Anniv...... also Sajid, Divya’s Dad, my In laws they often tell me she was a lot like me same nature same madness same Behaviour," she wrote, also adding that Divya's father often calls her Bhagwaan Beti.

She went on the elaborate on the bond her husband Sajid shares with Divya’s family, especially her father. She said, “Sajid is so close, Sajid is like a son to dad, after mumma (Divya’s mother) passed away. You can’t even imagine how close dad and Sajid are. And Kunal and Sajid... they talk just like brothers would. And I have not tried to replace her ever. I have made my own place. Memories are always beautiful. So, stop trolling me! She is a part of my life, and we are enjoying. Sometimes people say, ‘Divya Bharti bahot acchi thi. Of course, bahot acchi thi yaar. We love her. She is very much a part of my life.”

Divya died a horrific death by falling from the fifth floor of her apartment. A lot of speculations and conjectures had followed her death dragging Sajid along with it too. Some had said it was suicide while many said it was murder and that the actress was an alcoholic and under depression. However, Divya’s death shattered Sajid and he dedicated all his films to the late actress until he married Warda. Warda even revealed that Sajid still kept Divya’s photograph in his wallet.

(Source: Bollywood Hungama/Twitter)