I want to leave behind any controversy: 'Boroloker Bitilo' lyricist Ratan Kahar confirms receiving Rs.5 lacs from Badshah for 'Genda Phool'


Badshah, with his recently released music album, Genda Phool starring Jacqueline Fernandez, brewed up a controversy. The popular rapper came under the radar for not crediting veteran Bengali artist Ratan Kahar on using lyrics of his folk song Boroloker Bitilo. After much hue and cry on the issue, Badshah recently got in touch with the writer and transferred Rs. 5 lacs to his account on Monday. Confirming the same, Kahar, in an interview with a media agency, told that he is happy that Badshah credited him as the lyricist of the Bengali part. He further added that he doesn't want any bitterness to seep into his relationship with the rapper and also said Badshah promised to visit him at his residence in Birbhum once the lockdown is lifted.

“Yes, my son has confirmed Rs 5 lakh from Badshah has entered my bank account. But money is not everything, I am happy as he has credited me as the composer of the lyrics Baro Loker Beti Lo which he had weaved in his music video Genda Phool. I want to leave behind any controversy,” Kahar told.


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In addition to the statement, a family friend of Kahars- Atanu Barman said that the family holds no bad feelings for Badshah. He told that the family now hopes to find Ratan's name as one of the lyricists of Genda Phool and not address Boroloker Bitilo as a Bengali folk song. “Badshah had sent the amount after talking to Kahar over videoconferencing on April 3 and his family doesn’t harbour any hurt feelings anymore. But we wish Kahar’s name be referred as one of the lyricists of the song, instead of merely referring it as Bengali folk song now,” Barman said.

(Source: PTI)