Ranveer Singh cracks a joke at Deepika Padukone’s exceptional culinary skills, shows himself as a plump Mickey Mouse while she plays chef Minnie Mouse


The Coronavirus lockdown has made all of us gourmet cooks, authors, fitness experts and a zillion other things. Similarly, our Bollywood celebs are also making the most of their quarantine by whipping up a storm in the kitchen. Deepika Padukone has been sharing her exquisite culinary skills on Instagram as well. Only a few days back, Ranveer Singh and she shared pictures of what she had dished out for dinner and we must say the food was exquisitely drool-worthy.

Today, Ranveer shared a hilarious picture of his missus and himself on Instagram. He shared an animated picture of themselves where he is dressed as Mickey Mouse and Deepika takes on Minne Mouse. However, the joke was that Ranveer’s Mickey sported a big paunch, courtesy, Deepika’s exceptional cooking skills. Ranveer’s picture could be seen holding a spoon while Deepika’s character donned a kitchen apron and had a salt shaker in her hand. Ranveer captioned the image, “Dil ka raasta pet se hoke jaata hai @deepikapadukone.”


Dil ka raasta pet se hoke jaata hai @deepikapadukone

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The picture elicited a whole load of response from the fans. One user quipped, “Namak suhag anusar.” The image sure is extremely hilarious and to the point as well. We’re sure by the time this lockdown is over Ranveer will definitely weight a few stones more and will have to sweat it out rigorously to lose weight and if Deepika wants to have an alternative career she can definitely try writing cookery books. 

(Source: Instagram)