Sonali Bendre discloses the reason for having 'chucked' the wig and wheelchair during her cancer treatment on Kareena Kapoor Khan's 'What Women Want 2'


Having won hearts aplenty as a Bollywood actress in the 90s, Sonali Bendre’s life took a turn for the worst when she was diagnosed with fourth-stage cancer in 2018; sending shockwaves in the industry as well as among fans. On the latest webisode of 104.8 Ishq’s What Women Want 2, an emotional Sonali opened up to Kareena Kapoor Khan on her long fight with cancer and how it has made her fearless. Speaking to the leading actress and now host, the webisode saw the inspirational Sonali address her first public appearance post the cancer announcement, her journey of positivity and wishes from her loved ones.

Speaking on the first time she stepped out in public post her treatment, the actress shared, “It was a really difficult time for me as I had no hair. Updating this news on social media was the first time I’d let this out. I didn’t expect to get such a huge response to the announcement. It was when I spoke about it that I realized how much love I have received.”


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Sonali then went to talk about how she realized that she could only overcome her fears once she has accepted the situation for what it is. “I wasn’t in the country when I started stepping out. When it was time to come to India, I really had my wig and everything planned. I'd decided to put it on. By the end of that flight, I was so exhausted and it was so awkward to be in a wheelchair. I didn't want to be in a wheelchair. That’s when I said, ‘Chuck it’. I decided not to wear a wig. I realized this is what it is now, let me just go. I did not expect so much press outside. I knew I would be out there in some time, completely bald. I felt okay and walked out."

Talking about this moment Sonali got teary-eyed. She added, “It was hard. Very very hard. Because these are the people who you have seen through your work and your work has always been about looks.” Having said that, the actress does talk about how the media managed to win her heart. “But I must say that members of the media present there were so quiet and gentle with me. I had never seen this side of the paparazzi. It was nice to see and left me surprised. It just showed that if you accept yourself, people will accept you."

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