I just cherish what I had with him: Ileana D'cruz finally opens up about her break up with Andrew Kneebone


It's been a few months since Ileana D'Cruz and beau Andrew Kneebone parted ways. On the personal front, speculations about her break-up with Andrew Kneebone surfaced when they unfollowed each other on social media, followed by a couple of cryptic messages on her Instagram account. On this, the actress said, "I have always kept my personal life away from the spotlight, as it’s not fair to the other person. Now, I can just say that I loved the experiences I had. Every bit of every year that we spent together has made me grow as a person. Today, I am in a better space, working on myself, which I didn’t give as much importance previously, and that was my own fault. It’s about time I took care of myself. There’s no point kicking up dirt when it’s not needed." 

"Well, people talk, irrespective of what you do. At the end of the day, I am not answerable to anyone beyond my family. Life goes on. Today, I am talked about, it will be someone or something else tomorrow. All I can say is, some of my posts were lines from some poems, and I shared them because they were actually conveying what I was feeling. You will lose family along the way and the very thought terrifies me, but it’s inevitable. The only person who will be with you in all of this is you. Every time I went in for therapy, I was told that I have to make the effort to heal myself. That’s stuck with me. When you are with someone else, you’re busy looking after them and managing your career, and in the process, your well-being takes a backseat. You know what? It’s not so bad to be a little selfish sometimes," she added. 

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When asked if her relationship took a lot of space, she said, "Relationships do take a lot of your time, and you make them a priority, but it should not be a burden. Trying too hard to make it work is not a great sign. Also, you should not forget yourself in a relationship. It’s not anyone else’s fault, but yours if that happens. It’s not others’ responsibility to make you happy, but, unfortunately, that happens in many relationships." 

When asked if distance and different professions were the problems in their relationship, Ileana said, "Not all all. I could probably be with an actor and it would seem monotonous talking about the same things at work and at home. It’s great for a couple to follow different professions. Also, people say that long-distance relationships are hard to maintain, but distance never really matters. You can be miles apart and still be together, while sometimes, under the same roof, you could be miles apart. It’s not the best time to talk about what really went wrong. Right now, I just cherish what I had with Andrew and I look back with great memories and a smile. I’m at peace with myself."

(Source: Bombay Times)