‘As a civilian I wanted to know what he is as a person’, says Akshay Kumar on how challenging was his interview with PM Narendra Modi


Just before the results of General Elections 2019 were announced, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a tell-all interview. However, the interesting fact about this interview was that no renowned journalist took the PM’s interview but it was our very own Khiladi Kumar who donned the journalist’s hat. Akshay Kumar did a commendable job of unraveling the enigma our PM is in a non-political interview. During a recent media interaction, Akshay was asked about the challenges he might have faced while interviewing the Prime Minister.

However, Akshay said that he did not find the interview a challenge. He said, “No, I was just being myself and there was no challenge. I was just talking to him. As a civilian I wanted to know what he is as a person, I just wanted to know that. I asked the questions and he answered.”

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Since it was a non-political interview, PM Modi revealed a lot of personal details about him and revealed facets of his personality too. He had stated that he never thought of becoming the Prime Minister of India. He had said, “The kind of background I come from even if I would have got a decent job my mother would have been distributing laddoos among neighbours. This is unnatural for me, sometimes I am amazed why the country loves me so much.”

Akshay’s interview with PM Modi was an instant hit and brought lots of accolades the actor’s way and was loved by all for the way it presented the country’s most powerful man.

(Source: PeepingMoon)