Maybe, I have forgotten acting, never stayed away from the camera for such a long time: Rishi Kapoor


Rishi Kapoor, who is in New York’s Sloan Kettering Hospital since September 29, 2018, wants to be back home by August end. The actor who is currently undergoing the last stage of treatment for cancer recently opened up about how he misses home and wants to return to work soon and face the cameras again. 

When asked if he is yearning to get back to work and face the camera and how he feels about his film Jhootha Kahin Ka releasing tomorrow, Rishi replied, "Unfortunately, some work on this film and some dubbing on another film was left incomplete. I thank the producers as none of them even brought it up. I am guilty of the fact that I had to leave in such a situation. I cannot thank them enough for not complaining one bit about anything. When I started recovering a few months back and feeling better, I told them that I cannot come back to India, but they could come here and finish the dubbing or whatever is left. So, that is what they did. My director Smeep Kang came here and that’s how we completed the film and it’s releasing now. There’s another film that I am yet to dub for. They said we will hold the film for you. They have shown great solidarity. This really touched my heart."

When asked if the thought of getting back to work after so long is both exciting and unnerving, Rishi replied, "It’s an overwhelming situation. Most people are calling my son to ask him if I could work in their films, but right now, I can’t commit to anything as I don’t know when I am coming back. I want to do films at leisure. Not that anything is wrong with me or anything has changed. I am the same person, I have the same vigour. It is just that I need to come back and first get into the groove. I have been out of touch with films for a long time. I have had a couple of blood transfusions, so I keep joking with my wife that my blood has been changed. I keep wondering if something has changed in me. I will definitely do the two films that I have committed to. One, that I left off in Delhi and the other is a remake of a huge Bengali hit film. It’s a challenging role. The makers had come to see me here. I haven’t said yes to anyone else yet. Once I get to know my plans and I get back to Mumbai, I want to relax for some days. Maybe, I have forgotten acting! I have never stayed away from the camera for such a long time in my life." 

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The actor plans on coming to India by August end and resume his working life again. 

(Source: Bombay Times)