I don't think it's right to click film celebrities without their permission: Ranveer Singh on the constant media coverage of celebrity


Stardom comes with its own set of positives and negatives and there is no denial about this. With constant media attention, it is extremely difficult for a celebrity to maintain privacy while stepping out and this hasn't gone down well with several celebrities including Ranveer Singh. During an interview with a magazine, Ranveer opened up about the flip side of being a celebrity and said that it can sap your energy. The actor is known as a media-friendly and humble celebrity who pleases the lens with out of the box poses. Despite sharing this rapport with the media, the actor feels it would be appreciable that pictures should be clicked with due permission from the celebrity in concern.

"I don't think it's right to click film celebrities without their permission, but no one follows etiquette. Earlier, people would share moments, now, it has become impersonal; it's not about the person in question as much as it is about clicking them," Ranveer told during the interview.

Ranveer Singh

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Narrating an incident, Ranveer said he has made peace with it as he is a part and parcel of the showbiz. " In current times where most people have mobile phones with cameras. One doesn't get a moment to breathe or switch off. Right before this interview, as I was finishing my business in the public restroom, a man asked me for a picture. Let me tell you, it's more common than you think. I've made peace with them; there's no other way to deal with these scenarios. Like in this case, you ask the person to allow you to finish your business, step out of the restroom, and take a picture," Ranveer added.

Ranveer, who is currently shooting for Kabir Khan's '83, expressed his opinion on camera phones and said they have 'made things messy'. "Many people don't even look me in the eye and say hello, they just come, stand next to me, and take a selfie. It's rude! Be it at the gym or at a restaurant, I am constantly being videographed. In fact, even during live performances, most audience members don't even look at me, they are busy recording. Camera phones have made it messy," Ranveer quoted.

(Source: Femina)