Mahesh Bhatt to get special mention in Anupam Kher's autobiography 'Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly', to be out on August 5


 Veteran actor Anupam Kher's autobiography Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly will hit the stands on August 5. It is to be published by Hay House in an exclusive partnership with Penguin Random House. A statement from the publisher describes "Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly" as an "extraordinary, riveting and no-holds-barred saga studded with fascinating behind-the-scenes revelations, anecdotes and rare nuggets of lessons" from Anupam's life story.

"It is nothing short of a grand masala box office hit... It has drama, comedy, romance and even action," the statement read. With a filmography of over 530 films -- and counting -- Anupam is a National School of Drama alumnus, has his own acting school, does plays and also balances his work in India and abroad.

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who directed Anupam Kher in the 1984 acclaimed film Saaransh, appears as a prominent figure in the actor's autobiography. On Saturday, Anupam opened up about his autobiography on Twitter. This was followed by congratulatory messages from celebrities, including Shekhar Kapur, Anil Kapoor and Mahesh Bhatt.

"An extraordinary story of an ordinary man who proves that if you can dream it you can do it! Anupam Kher," Mahesh tweeted.

Replying to it, Anupam wrote, "Thank you mere pyare @MaheshNBhatt Saab. You have played a very important role in my autobiography. #LessonsLifeTaughtMeUnknowingly."

(Source: IANS)

. "God made people and then he made the Barjatya family. I admire how all of them are so kind, considerate, cultured and giving. Thank you @rajshri for not only giving me my career but also #LifeLessons in #Goodness and #Kindness. Missed #RajBabu's physical presence though #Saaransh," Anupam tweeted.SaaranshAnupam also got "life lessons" from the Barjatya family that had backed

clocked 35 years of its release last month, the actor had tweeted: "My first film 'Saaransh' was released on May 25, 1984. It has been 35 years since then. I was 28 and I played a 65-year-old BV Pradhan (in the movie). It seems like a long journey. But to me, it is just the beginning. Thank you. Keep blessing me. I've a long way to go."Saaransh When