My life has become like this now: PM Modi tells Akshay Kumar why his family doesn’t live with him


Akshay Kumar, during his interaction with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg in Delhi on April 23, asked him whether he ever felt the absence of his family. Don’t you feel like living with your mother and other family members, sir, Akshay asked PM Modi as he said that he is sort of used to living without them now.

“If I would have stepped outside my house as the Prime Minister of India, then naturally, I would have thought so. I left everything at a very young age. Because I left everything, my life became very detached. I was trained accordingly after leaving home. It must have been difficult for me when I left home at that time. But my life has become like this now,” PM Modi told Akshay.

Meanwhile, PM Modi also said that he had invited his mother over to Delhi but he couldn’t give much time to her owing to his busy schedule.


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“Yet, I had called my mother here for a while. She spent some time with me. But my mother tells me that I shouldn’t waste my time behind her. She also told me, ‘What will I do staying here with you? I’ll go back and talk to the other ladies in my village. What will I talk to you about?’ Even I couldn’t give time. When my mother was here, I was busy with my schedule. At times, we used to have dinner together,” PM Modi added.

PM Modi and Akshay Kumar discussed various subjects, not political of course, during their interaction.


Source: ANI