Never thought of this: PM Modi, asked if he ever thought of becoming the Prime Minister, tells Akshay Kumar


Akshay Kumar met Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg (LKM) in Delhi on April 23 and stirred up a great conversation. During their interaction, Akshay, handsome in a white shirt and pants, asked PM Modi whether he ever intended to become the Prime Minister of India and his answer was apt.

PM Modi said that he had never contemplated so and he is grateful that the country has showered much love upon him.



“I never thought of this. The kind of family I belong to, if I would have got a great job somewhere, then my mother would have treated neighbors to gur (jaggery) because I got a job. Because I had never seen anything beyond that. Never seen anything beyond my village. This is just that the journey began and the country accepted me. Personally, it’s unnatural for me because my background, world, the kind of politics being done, it’s very different. I am very surprised that India loves me so much and keeps giving me so much,” PM Modi told Akshay.

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Moreover, PM Modi and Akshay Kumar discussed various subjects, not political of course, during their interaction.


Source: ANI