Akshay Kumar’s character in Kanchana remake reworked as ‘brave man, who doesn't fear the supernatural’?


Akshay Kumar is all set to begin filming his horror comedy, tentatively titled Lakshmi, on Monday. The film in question is an official adaptation of the Tamil franchise, Kanchana, which released in 2007. Writer Farhad Samji, meanwhile, has tweaked the script of the Tamil film slightly for the Hindi film viewers and altered the character of the protagonist, played by Akshay, a leading daily reports.

The difference in the traits of the lead characters of the Tamil film and Hindi version are definite. While the protagonist in Kanchana got scared easily, Akshay’s character in Laxmi is a “brave man, who doesn’t believe in ghosts,” as per the report.


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"While the premise remains the same, Akshay's character has been chalked out as one who doesn't fear the supernatural,” a source was quoted as saying by the daily. Kiara Advani has been cast as Akshay’s wife in the film and has a “meaty” role as planned by the makers.

“The makers also reworked the narrative to create a meaty role for Kiara Advani, who plays Akshay's wife. In the original film, the hero's mother and sister-in-law have pivotal parts. In the Hindi counterpart, the sequence where Akshay's character is possessed by a ghost - the turning point in the story - will take place at Kiara's house. Her character will play a crucial role in his exorcism. Finally, Akshay will be possessed by one ghost - that of the transgender, Lakshmi - and not three ghosts as seen in the Tamil movie,” the source added.


The Kanchana series has been directed by Raghava Lawrence while he also stars in the lead role in the three films. Raghava will be directing Akshay in the remake as well. Makers of the Hindi film are planning to release it in 2020. The film will be produced by Shabina Khan and Tusshar Kapoor.

Akshay Kumar was last seen in Kesari.


Source: mid-day