Here’s why Alia Bhatt can’t cast her vote in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019


The Lok Sabha Elections 2019 is already underway and the political parties are leaving no stone unturned in campaigning for their party and asking voters to come out and vote for a powerful mandate. In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi even tagged quite a few Bollywood celebrities to urge young voters to come out and cast their vote. However, Alia Bhatt who played a patriotic spy in her film Raazi will not be able to vote.

In a recent interview, while promoting her upcoming film Kalank along with her co-actors Varun Dhawan, Sonakshi Sinha and Aditya Roy Kapur were asked whether they are going to cast their vote in this year’s Lok Sabha elections. While Varun and Sonakshi said they would vote, Aditya said he has made 'please vote' videos to spread awareness as well, but Alia replied with a disappointed tone, “I can’t.” Sonakshi promptly asked her, “Is it your passport?” to which Alia said, “Yes.”

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For those unaware, Alia Bhatt and her mother Soni Razdan are British citizens and hold British passports. So Alia can vote only when she gives that up and takes up Indian citizenship and passport as India’s Constitution does not allow dual citizenship.

On March 13, PM Modi had tweeted tagging Alia asking her to urge the young voters to cast their vote. Alia had replied to the PM and she had promptly asked her fans and followers to do so.

Unfortunately, she herself will not be able to follow her advice ever. 

(Source: Republic/Twitter)