SRK regrets not getting a National Award? That comment was a ‘joke’, he clarifies


Yes, Shah Rukh Khan did mention recently that he ‘regrets not getting a National Award till date’ but that was a “joke”, he clarified, during his interview with a leading daily. The 53-year-old actor said that he is ambitious but in a “fair manner” and that if he isn’t presented with an award, the award is at a loss – do read that again, if you may.

“That was a joke. To be honest, mujhe koi regret nahi hai. I am a very simple, down-to-earth person. Yes, vis-a-vis my achievements, I am extremely ambitious but in a fair manner. If I don't get an award, that award is at loss. Kabhi kabhi award ki prestige bhi badh jaati hai agar mujhe mile toh,” SRK told the daily.

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Moreover, SRK is of the opinion that he has attempted to imbibe ‘art’ into commercial films off late. “That was a joke but on a serious note, I feel I don’t do films where there’s enough space to get artistic. Personally, though, I think I’ve tried to get a lot of ‘art’ into commercial cinema,” SRK added.

However, SRK also added that it could be possible that one fine day; he might end up receiving a National Award for a film that he never expected at all. More than an award, though, SRK said that the fact that he has been working hard in his career is gratifying enough.

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“Maybe, I’ll get a National Award for a film that I would expect the least from. I am fine, but having said that, why not have that also? Ek Oscar aur ek National Award aa jaaye toh, achcha lagega. Sab complete ho jaayega. But honestly, I feel, I have done (my share of) hard work and that’s gratifying for me. I have so many awards that I don’t have enough space to keep them. That’s why I keep most of them in my office. I feel it’s not just about getting that award. Sometimes, you need substantiation that we are doing something good in various facets of filmmaking,” SRK added.

Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in 2018’s Zero.