With your wife you have to rehearse your steps, especially if she is a trained dancer: Shah Rukh on dancing with Gauri at Isha Ambani's pre-wedding bash


Isha Ambani’s and Anand Piramal’s pre-wedding festivities at Udaipur was a gala event, not only because it had the who’s who in attendance but it gave a glimpse to what our favourite Bollywood celebs turn to when they let their hair down. However, one of the biggest draws of the sangeet ceremony was when Shah Rukh Khan along with wife Gauri Khan lit the stage on fire and danced on the song Dilli Wali Girlfriend. The video went viral on social media and people were astounded to see that Gauri can match steps with SRK superbly.

In a media interaction, Shah Rukh spoke about dancing with his wife and said, “My wife trained with Shaimak Davar and his young dancers were with us that evening too. She was dancing on stage after 10-20 years, it was very sweet of her. I don’t rehearse with my heroines, but this time I practiced my steps backstage. With the wife, you have to, especially if she is a trained dancer.”

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The video was very endearing but someone changed the song from the original video to Paisa Pheko Tamasha Dekho online and trolls got into action against the couple. Talking about them SRK said, “I do what I feel like doing and it’s made me the person I am. I have never worked for an image. If someone does something mischievous and others are stupid enough to believe this is the asli song, God bless them. We’re in the nascent stage of social media and there are many who don’t know that such things can be done. There’s a need for video literacy not just in India but in the US too.”

Shah Rukh was also asked that how does he tackle such issues and the actor very pragmatically said, “You can feel bad about it, but you have to accept that social media is a virtual social reality. What I don’t get is people trying to be socially relevant by saying you shouldn’t say this or that. You have to retain your sense of humour and not take such criticism too seriously. In the end, it’s each to their own. If someone gets a kick out of doing this, you have to live with it. I’m not going to a message on it or clarify because I know which song I danced to. And my knowledge is more important than someone else’s take. I have a system in place. If I go to a party and there are three groups, one gossiping, a second abusing people and third discussing films, I’ll join the third group. On social media too, I alienate myself from the gossips and gaalis, block trolls, and express myself the way I wish.”

Shah Rukh is looking forward to the release of his upcoming film Zero which also stars Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif. The film is directed by Aanand L Rai and is scheduled to release on December 21.