Birthday Special: Ranbir Kapoor - The apple that fell far from the family tree

Aasan hai kya? To be a Kapoor. Sample the case of Taimur Ali Khan. The child was and continues to be subjected to worldly fame and affection even before he was born, and arguably Kareena Kapoor Khan is to thank for. The same doesn't hold true for his mamu Ranbir Kapoor, howsoever. Blame it on the absence of social media or the significance of keeping family life under tightest wraps back then, Ranbir didn't exactly enjoy a moment or more in his growing years let alone since birth.
Born in the family of cinematic legends, to Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor, Ranbir's mannerisms and choices are far from 'extraordinary,' not to forget the handsome lad doesn't feel the need to catch up with the luminous lifestyle all day, every day. As he grew up, the boy turned out to be more ordinary than other kids born in the lap of Bollywood (including his cousins). He was as if challenging the silver spoon at every chance, reason why you will always find the classic charmer sans starry vibes.
Quintessential looks at disposal of genes, die-romance running in his veins and abundance of talent he probably inherited from the illustrious legacy he represents, Ranbir in every way is the dictionary definition of conventional. Except that he is not. Looking back at his resume full of decent hits, the actor has made quite many choices his megastar grandfather perhaps would never approve of (Rocket Singh, anyone?). 50 percent blockbuster rate on his career graph is the price he paid to be different, to be unconventional. In fact, it was a dry spell for Ranbir after the consecutive failure of RoyBombay Velvet, Jagga Jasoos in the same order until Sanju came along.
But keep his glorious outings aside and one may stumble upon a couple of familial hand me downs. For starters, Ranbir gets his name from his phenomenal grandpa Ranbir Raj Kapoor aka Raj Kapoor. Also, he too has been very popular with his co-actresses, having dated two of them for real, in the public eye. There is a certain poise and decorum that precedes him in a room, which he also enjoys a reputation for. It is mention worthy that at times when Papa Rishi has stirred up a storm, Ranbir's civility has saved the day for the family. And the carousel hasn't stopped turning yet.
Part of his politeness also reflects in the choices he has made over the years. In the world of Khans, Kumars, Bachchans, and Dhawans, Kapoor held onto his own ground, not an inch of which he borrowed from his lineage. He took the falls and he also took the flights - both with equal grace and humbleness. Even on difficult days, he went with quenching thirst of the actor in him than the surname and superstar he is. Films and fame come in the same order for RK, reason why he always catches the fancy of storytellers. For Ranbir is no less than an art. An art that makes you feel something in the so deeply etched corners of your heart, art that perhaps opens the sides of you to you, which never existed first, art that doesn't require a Friday to designate, art that is free from the pressure of success. Because, RK, is more than just a Kapoor heir.
So let me ask you again, aasan hai kya, to be a Ranbir Kapoor? Because, according to me, this apple fell far from the tree.