Twinkle Khanna reveals how her mom Dimple Kapadia inspired her feminist perspective


Writer-producer Twinkle Khanna on Friday launched her third book, titled Pyjamas Are Forgiving. The latest book comes in the wake of her previous bestsellers, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad and Mrs. Funnybones. The book launch event was attended by the Twinkle's husband Akshay Kumar and childhood friend Karan Johar, apart from her other close friends from the industry.

For the unversed, Twinkle's book tells the story of a divorcee and her run-in with her ex-husband and it is interesting to note that she has dedicated the book to her mom Dimple. When Karan, who also turned into an emcee for the evening, asked her about it, she was quick to point out, "My writing focuses heavily on women - who she really is and what she is expected to be. My mom has inspired a lot of my feminist perspectives. When we were little and moved to my grandmother’s house, my mother would wake up every day at five and workout to Jane Fonda tapes. Then she would go to work, do three shifts and come home at nine."

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"I realized from an early age that a woman doesn’t have to rely on anyone and that men were okay as dessert, but they were certainly not the main course. My mom set the bar so high that I have spent my whole life reaching for it. That’s why this book and everything that I write should be dedicated to her," she added.

Looks like Twinkle is abiding by Karan's mantra of "all about loving your parents."

Meanwhile, the former actress was further prodded about the book's title, to which she replied, "Well, in the book the protagonists are wearing pyjamas throughout. Plus, the garment is an allegory of life itself, because when you wear pyjamas, it’s up to you to decide how tight you want to pull the drawstring. If you tie it too loose, you end up with no pants on."

Well, you can always count on Twinkle for her sassy statements.