Troll time again? Anushka Sharma promotes Google Pixel on Twitter via iPhone


Once on the internet, always on the internet! There is truly no hiding when you are on the World Wide Web. Even the slightest of a goof-up is captured or screenshot and stored. Today is the same! Bollywood diva Anushka Sharma has been making headlines for a few days now with her upcoming film Sui Dhaaga: Made in India. But there’s more to the film. Netizens found a still of Anushka from the film’s trailer and unleashed their humour with never-ending memes. While that trend hasn’t died yet, it looks like a second round is about to begin.

Today, Anushka shared a couple of pictures of her with a dog on her Twitter and captioned it as “Look at this beautiful boy! #PIXEL2XL #TEAMPIXEL @GoogleIndia”

The pictures, as seen, have clearly been clicked on a portrait mode and probably from a Google Pixel phone. However, what caught the attention of a popular Twitter celeb and YouTube tech-creator Marques Brownlee is, Anushka tweeted the pictures using her iPhone device.

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Making sure that Anushka’s little goof-up serves a laugh to Netizens, Marques took a screenshot and shared it on his Twitter page. He wrote, “Ok I don’t even want to know how this keeps happening but it’s hilarious”

The actress quickly made fixed the situation by tweeted it again. Marques confirmed this when a fellow follower asked him how he could check it. The YouTube creator responded with “Yeah deleted and retweeted but just scroll down a bit for more Pixel ads from an iPhone lol”

Well, there could be a whole new set of memes on this little goof-up. But for all we know is if Anushka chooses to respond to the situation, it will be a crisp and sassy comeback!