Ecstatic vs Subtle: Dhadak's Pehli Baar and Sairat's Yad Lagla are different but the same

2016's super hit. 2018's upcoming release. A small budget film with a cult status. An adaptation commercialized as a Bollywood film. Nagraj Manjule's Sairat and Karan Johar's Dhadak, both have been in the news for a long time now. And... the buzz is definitely here to stay.

Dhadak starring Janvhi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter is an adaptation of Sairat starring Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru. Obviously, comparisons began right from the beginning. With the release of Dhadak Hai Na and Zingaat, the troll train only rushed faster. Today, the makers of Dhadak released the third track titled Pehli Baar which is adapted from the song Yad Lagala. And here are our observations:


Symphony and Pitch

The audio of both the songs is precisely the same since both the songs are composed by Ajay-Atul and sung by Ajay Gogavale. Both the tracks carry the same crescendo. However, Yad Lagla takes its symphony on a higher pitch than that of Pehli Baar.

Metaphorical Poetry and Story Telling

Both the songs tell a tale of the first, unconditional and pure love experienced by their protagonists. The original score is full of metaphors and is a poetry told through a song. The adaptation tells the story like it is and adds colour and more flavour to it. Yad Lagla is penned by composers Ajay-Atul while Pehli Baar is penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

With lyrics like "Ranglaya tujhat... yad lagla" translating to "coloured in you, I am insane now" the original wins brownie points here. Though with "Chattpe let ke gin chuka hu jo, roz woh sitare ginu" has our heart, too.

Escatic and Subtle

The visual will make all the difference here. The original song based in the muddy lanes of Maharashtra and adapted song based in the colourful lanes are Mewar will tell you the same tale with a new zest. While Aakash keeps his emotions low, Ishaan is overjoyed and unapologetic. There is the same wave of excitement as the boys break into an impromptu solo dance party.

Rinku never takes the center screen until her man comes right in front of her and Janhvi never leaves the center. The romance is existing and acknowledged, but only between Aakash and Rinku. However, Janhvi and Ishaan acknowledge their very obvious romantic undercurrents but she stays in denial.

The internet will wake up once again to bring their creativity out through memes and trolls. But sit back, relax and enjoy the magic that these songs are. They're similar yet different and different yet similar and that is its magic.