Watch: These Dhadak bloopers of Janhvi and Ishaan will give you a fit of laughter


At a recent media interaction, Ishaan revealed that his relationship with Janhvi on the set of their film, Dhadak, was like that of 'Tom and Jerry'. A cat and mouse kind of squabble was not what we expected but... well, now we have a proof.

In a latest video featuring the two, shared by Dharma Productions, Janhvi and Ishaan's camaraderie is all things cute and we can't help but ship the two!

Because introducing yourself is too mainstream, our Dhadak stars know how to entertain the audience from the get-go:

Ishaan: I am Janhvi

Janhvi (in a cool voice): And I'm Ishaan.

Ishaan: You wanna know our qualities or not? Saans of humour is 'whack' if I may use her own technology- terminology.

Janhvi (laughs): Technology? Praying for you.

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10 points to Janhvi for the 'savage' remark. But that's not all these actors are equipped with. If you thought Mariah Carey is the queen of snubbing, well, let's just say Janhvi and Ishaan are catching up. When asked about their experience with each other during the shoot, this is what they had to say.

Ishaan: I think the feeling was like 'It feels good'. After we shot the film and stuff, I don't feel the same.

Janhvi: I don't want to compliment him too much actually. He is okay, I guess.

And if that wasn't cold enough for you, here's what Janhvi said about Ishaan's singing talent.

Janhvi: He shatters my brain cells, that's what it is.

All jokes aside, she did throw in a few nice words for her co-star.

Janhvi: He is like a kid, he is a lot of fun and has great energy and it's very contagious.

However, Ishaan too wasn't one to take things quietly. When she asked him things that annoy him the most about her, he was quick to answer.

Janhvi: I wanna know what irritates you about me. I know there are things-

Ishaan: This! (imitates her) "Okay but you have to tell me.... okay but you do..." This. Ugli. She is very... ungli.

Last time we checked, ungli is not an adjective but we understand the feeling, Ishaan.

The film which is all set to release on July 20, 2018, is a Hindi adaptation of the 2016 Marathi language blockbuster film, Sairat.

Watch the entire video here: