Sonam disses myths and explains her children will have her first name as well

Feeling validated after the success of their home production, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja talks about misogyny, trolls, the silence of Bollywood women and more…

Money Woes
She declares that they were not getting the finance needed for Veere Di Wedding, and Ekta Kapoor and her own sister Rhea Kapoor had to fight tooth and nail to get money. “I know many people have made fun of the product placements, but we had no choice. I was like, you try make a film with four women…In such a misogynistic society, like, what do you expect?”

Different Standards
“Sometimes being a woman in the film industry makes you feel slightly dejected,” she admits, “Because as a woman you are treated as a second-class citizen.” It’s the reason they decided to go with the #ImNotAChickFlick hashtag slogan to hit out at the derogatory terminology. “We’re a dramatic comedy. Chick flick is a disgusting term. They think Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor are gonna make floozy cinema, so they want to constantly term it that,” she maintains.

Shattering Myths
She believes “Hindu extremists” have reduced VDW to a masturbation scene and one dialogue about masturbation, because of their insecurity. “Anything that’s uninhibited is a show of strength. And certain people don’t like that show of strength because you’re standing up to the bully in a way,” she opines about the “insecurity” in certain sections. She explains, “We are not showcasing what they think is the abla naari, the correct Hindu woman, the one who needs to be rescued.”

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Code of Silence
Commenting on why women in Bollywood haven’t forged a MeToo style campaign, she points out that besides a few women including herself, women can’t be forced to speak out. “It takes a lot of courage to do that and sometimes it’s not about courage, sometimes you need to be sensitive. It’s wrong to push someone to come out and say, “Oh I’ve been raped” or “I’ve been molested” or something like that.”

Names Matter
Explaining her and Anand’s new names post marriage, she says they wanted to retain her first name in both. “In our passports I’ll be Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and he will be Anand Sonam Ahuja. Which I think is amazing. Because I wanted to have the same name as my child and I wanted my child to have my name as well.” This way their child will have both the parents’ names. Long yes, but rather unique, just like the mother!