Rishi blasts man who criticised Sanju trailer, gets blasted in return


Twitter tornado Rishi Kapoor is at it again. The fiery actor has lashed out at a Twitter user who criticised the new Sanju trailer, which features his son Ranbir Kapoor playing the lead. The protective and overly-sensitive papa rushed to his son’s defence, as he sent a nasty reply to the user’s inbox via direct message.



Rishi was quick to respond to the fan’s comment that the upcoming Sanju biopic looked like it was trying to clean up subject Sanjay Dutt’s image. Rishi lashed out saying that since he was in the entertainment industry, he was qualified to understand films, and the fan didn’t deserve to watch films at all. He also used offensive language to berate the fan.



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Rishi’s verbal tirade has not gone unnoticed. Comedian Aditi Mittal is among those who have come forward to condemn his behaviour. Pointing out that the senior actor keeps abusing people online, Aditi went on to add that every news and entertainment portal’s continued coverage his films and interviews sent out the message that this kind of behaviour was normal.


She asked more hard questions, writing, “While promoting his 102 Not Out film with master creeper, Amitabh Bachchan, NOT ONE outlet had the guts to ask him about if he’s ok with embarrassing himself in DM’s on Twitter. Coz apparently this is the kind of behaviour expected from these heroes. India is sick with hate & misogyny. Why does no one in the film community call this out? Because it’s Rishi Kapoor?”


More users wrote in to express their disgust with Rishi Kapoor’s attitude. Journalist Rituparna Chatterjee shared that she had been blocked by Rishi for criticising one of his tweets. She went on to call him a ‘disgusting, reprehensible man’, while calling out the film journalism community for remaining silent about his “out of control behaviour on DMs”.


We don’t think any of this will stop Mr. Kapoor, do you?