The nude shot, the overflowing toilet and five other scenes from the 'Sanju' trailer that made our hair stand


To hell and back… That’s the stranger-than-fiction story of Sanjay Dutt that has been so graphically captured in the trailer of this biopic. Kudos, Rajkumar Hirani, Ranbir Kapoor and the man himself Sanjay Dutt – for telling this story the way it needed to be told. The trailer of Sanju showcases the real-life journey of Dutt starting from his debut film Rocky, to all his happy highs, his romantic rendezvous, his plunge into the abyss, and his final vindication. And, in a word, it is overwhelming!

A roller-coaster ride that leaves you gasping, the stunning, shocking scenes play out in quick succession…


Sanju wins you over immediately and irrevocably, as he jibes in that typical drawl, “Itna variety wala life kahan pe milega?”  He candidly accepts, “Main bewda hoon, tharki hoon, drug addict, sab kuch hoon…”  What he will never accept is being called a terrorist.

It is heart-wrenching to watch Sanju’s decline as he puffs blithely on his joint in the toilet. Sonam Kapoor, who plays his love interest, frantically barges in to demand if he has seen her mangalsutra. She grows increasingly hysterical, but you are not prepared for Sanju’s next reaction: he yanks off the toilet seat in a fury and rings it around her neck…

The interrogation scenes probing his involvement in the arms case linked to the terrorist attacks is expectedly graphic. The actual jail sequence is even more shocking. You sense Sanju’s shame as he is made to strip down for checking. Ranbir wordlessly channels the feelings of helplessness and indignity, as he bends over stark naked to be searched.

The scene where Sanju awakes as the toilet in his cell overflows is nothing short of traumatizing. The yellowish brown toilet waste laps at his toes, leaving him shrieking for help as he tries to escape the flow of excreta. The fear, panic and loathing in his eyes is all too real and there is no escaping his reality.

It’s impossible to stay unmoved by Sanju’s anguish as he bangs his head against the bars of his cell. Beaten and broken, he lies in a hospital as his best friend rushes over to visit him. Sensing his despair, his friend tries boosting his morale, “You’re a tiger… roar!” He makes the feeble Sanju roar, pathetically at first and then with more spirit. The hug they share brings a lump to the throat.

His interaction with Anushka Sharma’s character, even as his wife played by Dia Mirza stands behind him, is so typically Sanju. Quizzed about how many women he has slept with, he enquires, “Including prostitutes or not?” He then tries to settle on a figure, adding, “I remember till 308… but to be safe, make it 350.” Anushka’s expression? Priceless!

Sanju’s involvement with the underworld, the fact that he has had 12 flops films… he is written off as finished. Here you see the power of a father’s love, as Paresh Rawal playing Sunil Dutt declares, “My son is not time that has passed and cannot return.” This father never gives up on his son who has hit rock-bottom and that makes all the difference.

Now excuse us as we go hit the replay button again!