Veere Di Wedding shocker: Kareena says Sonam pushed them out of the frame


The cast of the all-girl flick Veere Di Wedding has been constantly facing allegations of an in-house fracas. People cannot believe that you can throw a bunch of girls together and not have several catfights! Kudos to the girls for pooh-poohing suggestions of hostility and proving they are thick as thieves. Even if one of them does utter a line that raises eyebrows and fuels a soupcon of suspicion, it is soon proved that it’s all good-natured jesting.

Take this recent revelation from Kareena Kapoor. The stunner shared that while they were shooting the song ‘Bhangra ta sajda…’, the choreographer had to keep calling ‘Cut!’ and asking for retakes. The reason was Sonam Kapoor. Apparently, Sonam kept banging into them all the time. “Her hands and legs are so long. I was like, ‘Arre yaar!’ as we were always getting pushed out of the frame,” laughed Kareena.


Sonam’s inadvertent camera-hogging did not spoil their fun and the gang of girls, including Swara Bhasker and Shikha Talsania, kept having a blast together both on and off screen. Kareena has openly spoken of her love and admiration for Sonam and Rhea, who have been part of a WhatsApp group also comprising Karisma Kapoor, since a long time.

When talking about Kareena, Sonam had even declared that Bebo is her “favourite hero she's ever worked with”. She also maintained, “I am telling you, it is the easiest thing to work with other women. Unfortunately, our conditioning is such that people expect women to pull other women down and compete with each other. But what's amazing is to actually work towards the same goal and create the best possible version of something. If all girls come together, they can literally move the world.”

…And sometimes they can move you out of the frame as well!