Our women at Cannes: Aishwarya celebrates with Helen Mirren, Rasika Dugal and Nandita Das march at the Time is Up event

Cake and confetti make for a party and that’s what lay in store for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the ‘Worth It’ show. She was being fussed over by the cosmetics brand L’Oreal, for being their brand ambassador over these many years. During the show, she was congratulated and then presented a huge cake with lipsticks on it. Of course, the confetti blast just completed the fun lined up for the thrilled Ash.


Appearing on the ‘Worth It’ show, Aishwarya revealed that she didn’t want to join social media for the longest time. She felt it was no more than a rat race, with everyone putting out their opinions and thoughts. What eventually convinced her to join Instagram, were the many well-wishers who were keen to enjoy the direct connection with her.

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Ash also spoke about bringing up her daughter Aaradhya. She pointed out that she has been rediscovering childhood through her child. “There is no rule book to parenting,” she declared, adding, “I find myself connecting with a little adult, because kids are growing up way faster than we did. What's great is to respect the fact that while they are children, they are also people with minds of their own.”


Meanwhile, our girls Rasika Dugal and Nandita Das are also making their presence felt at Cannes. They were among the 82 powerful women from across different cinemas of the world, who lent their support to the #METOO campaign at the Time is Up event at Cannes.


Said an emotional Rasika, “There are very few times when you are part of a historical moment and you know it. This was one of those. It was a very emotional experience holding hands and walking in solidarity with 82 women at Cannes. Not much was said but yet many of us were moved to tears. The unspoken regard and understanding and solidarity for the challenges we have all had to face to be here was so so powerful. It was my first time at the Palais de festivals red carpet at the Cannes film festival and I shared that moment with Salma Hayek, Patty Jenkins, Nandita Das and so many other women. I couldn't have asked for a better introduction. Cate Blanchett's powerful speech just made me feel more than ever how important this is. I mean we know there is rampant gender discrimination and we face it every day (in so so many small things) but just to have the numbers like that makes me feel like it's about time!”