Inseparable: Alia-Ranbir made a statement at the Sonam-Anand reception was first to tell you of sparks flying between Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor in faraway Bulgaria. Back in the bay, they have been spotted together on numerous occasions, including meetings and dinners.

During her Raazi promo interviews, Alia hasn’t exactly been avoiding talking about Ranbir. In fact, she has been sounding anything but upset as she discusses rumours of their alleged romance. “There’s no need to clarify or deny anything. He is a very good human being, and I am very fortunate to be around him at this point in my life,” she vouches.

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Pointing out that she had got to know Ranbir in the last couple of months since they began work on Brahmastra, Alia shares that she has interacted a lot with him personally. “What I genuinely love about him is that he’s all heart,” she has been gushing. “He’s a very, very pure and simple person. There’s no fuss and that same simplicity translates in him as an actor as well… What do I not like about him? I don’t dislike anything about him as of now!”


Ranbir has been a lot less revealing of his fondness for Alia in words but he sure spoke volumes accompanying her to the SoNand wedding reception. The two were well aware that their presence together would be almost a confirmation of their relationship status – and Ranbir took the plunge anyway. He has been notoriously slippery when it comes to acknowledging his relationships in the past. However, his guard is clearly lowered when it comes to Ms Bhatt who has apparently worn down his defences with her transparent charm.

The two made for a stunning couple as they posed together; she a vision in leaf green, he regal as ever in white. If there was an award for Best Matched Couple that evening, they would cream the competition.

As of now, we are hoping the magic endures!