Amitabh’s Sye Raa team were gobsmacked by the images he shared on social media


The makers of the Telugu film Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy are a tad taken aback by Amitabh Bachchan’s swift social media updates. They are apparently none too thrilled by the photos that the legendary actor has shared, revealed his character’s look in the cameo he plays in the Chiranjeevi-starrer Sye Raa... – but it is the legendary actor after all, and they are keeping their lips zipped!

Bachchan was in Hyderabad recently to shoot for the film and promptly shared his pics from the sets of the film on social media. Incidentally, these were his personal photographs, shot by his own personal photographer. And even though no visuals are generally released of a film until the official first look is revealed, Bollywood’s icon, Bachchan went ahead and shared his own pics. How did he get hold of them? Why, via his own personal photographer!

Bachchan’s personal photographer has been part of his entourage for at least a decade now. Almost like a shadow, his photographer and videographer tail Bachchan everywhere, capturing his every moment from the second he steps out of his home. Naturally, they were at hand when the iconic star was shooting his portions for Sye Raa... and clicked images of Bachchan, which he promptly shared on Twitter. He went on to release more pics of his look on set and understandably the unit is not too thrilled with his largesse!

They are reportedly rather astounded at how the moment Bachchan steps out of his special flight to Hyderabad – he supposedly travels only by chartered flights – his personal photographer swings into action, clicking every public moment of his, till he leaves for his room at night.

Bachchan had started this personal documentation when he began blogging 10 years ago in April 2008. His blog was then hosted on Reliance Entertainment’s Big Adda, in return for a monetary remuneration. This was when he first felt the need to share images and videos from his life on his blog. Now the pattern continues on Tumblr. What’s more, having a record of all his interactions also serves as proof of what he says during media interactions. All of this enormous content could one day just find itself in a docu on the megastar!