‘It feels great to be 40!’ Rani pens her emotions on her Birthday


Rani Mukerji, the star of Hichki, turns 40 today! Even though her age makes no difference to her beauty, the actress says it feels great. Her tryst with stardom kick-started with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and then there was no stopping! She is remembered for all the amazing movies that did not only entertain us but also tried making a social impact. Rani seems to be a huge advocate for change and empowerment – her films like No One Killed Jessica, Mardaani and her latest flick – Hichki are a constant reminder of it.

On her 40th birthday, she wrote a letter to her fans and filmmakers alike, for their support and love. She writes:

It feels great to be 40! It feels great to have also worked for 22 years and having been incredibly lucky to get so much love and appreciation. Very rarely do we artists get material that can genuinely cause social change, cause change in attitude and thinking and I have been fortunate enough to get such content multiple times. I truly feel blessed. I thank all the film-makers who have trusted me with their characters. Your characters, your films, became my identity.


I realized very late that I was actually born to be an actor, that I was born to entertain. And I hope I have been able to do just that. As a woman, I must admit, it has not been an easy journey. I had to prove myself every day. Actresses have to prove themselves everyday. A woman has a short career span, a married woman's equity dies, women are not bankable commodities at the box office, 'female-centric' (I hate this word!!) Films are huge risks, a married actress who is also a mother is the final nail in the coffin of her dreams, ambitions and aspirations - these are some of the discriminatory stereotypes that we have to live with and try to overcome every single day.

For a woman, the disparity with a man is huge and glaring in this industry We were judged for our looks, our dancing skills, our height, our voice, our acting, how we carry ourselves every time we step out of the house - we have to be the best and yet we are thought to be extremely dispensable. I have been asking my friends to talk about their weaknesses and how they overcame them. On my birthday I cannot skirt this massive hichkis that my fellow actresses and/have faced/face and will face every day.

I have tried to take on this sexist stereotype by coming back to acting after my marriage and motherhood. And I promise you, I will continue working and battling these stereotypes with all my fellow stunning, beautiful kind and talented actresses and hope to see our society and the film industry mature further I can already see the changes for the better and it fills me with joy It makes my journey, my career meaningful. I want to see many more victories for all of us. It's about time. I will be back soon - to try and entertain you, to push the envelope again. Till then, love you all.

Yours forever, RANI

The letter is not just moving but also motivating. That’s what we want! Though, following the sad demise of her closest – Sridevi, Rani said in an interview that she will not be celebrating her birthday. She said, “I'm just been hurt by what has happened with my favourite. I don't think I will be able to celebrate this year. Too many losses that I have dealt with it this time,”

All things aside, her Hichki is slated to release on March 23. We hope to see her in more films, breaking some more bones, denting the system (in a better way), and of course, a lot of entertainment!

Happy Birthday, Rani!