I would love to see Alia Bhatt in a film made by Mahesh Bhatt, says Pooja Bhatt


Pooja Bhatt has a birthday wish for kid sister Alia Bhatt who turns 25 today. “I wish her more clarity and a greater capacity to make decisions, live by them, and bear the consequences,” said the elder Bhatt girl who has a fierce pride for the younger daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. “And what I and the world is waiting to see is a piece of work created by my father in which Alia features. He brings to the table not just his skills as a director but his ability to see the core of an actor. At her age, Alia is already top of the game. And to put her in a classic Mahesh Bhatt film would be sheer electric.”

Describing her own entry into Bollywood, Pooja said her strength was that she became an actress because she was Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter. Whereas Alia’s strength was that she became an actress not by being Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter. “She’s already achieved a lot, but Alia’s best is yet to come,” predicted Pooja. “She’s extremely committed, knows what she wants and works like a mule to achieve her goals. And she’s smarter than all of us put together. I would rate her 10/10... especially for her performance in Udta Punjab in which she truly showed the world what she’s got inside.”

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On a personal level, the thing Pooja likes best about Alia is that she quickly endears herself to people. “You might be meeting her for the first time, and you are already in awe of her and all that she has done, but in 15 minutes you will feel a kinship with her. You’ll want to protect her. Little children love her. Wherever I go, I am asked, ‘Alia’s not coming?’ and that fills me with great pride. I am all the time getting her to record messages and videos for small kids who are her biggest fans. And Alia is so cute, she happily does it.”