Aamir suspects his birthday gift was actually what son Azad wanted!


Aamir Khan’s live interaction on Instagram today threw up some interesting revelations…

For instance, at an age when most kids long to ape Superman or some such superhero, Aamir’s idols as a youngster, were certain members of his family! The actor shared, “My idols while growing up were my mother, my father, my uncle and aunts; elders in my family were my idols. They were all wonderful people whom I have learnt a lot from.”

He is extremely close to his mother and no qualms about declaring, “My Ammi is the one person who is most special to me in my life. She’s the one because of whom I’m here, whatever I am is because of her. I always try to spend my birthday with my Ammi. This time I thought it might not be possible but luckily at the last moment my director Victor gave me two days off to go home.” Post the chat, he was leaving to spend his birthday with his Ammi and the rest of his family.

The actor also had listeners grinning as he spoke about the gift that he had received from wife Kiran and son Azad. They had gifted him a dartboard. Good choice. “But as soon as I got it, I realised that it was actually Azad who wanted this gift! I was just the excuse for getting the gift. As soon as I opened it, Azad grabbed it and ran off to play, so I understood that the gift is actually for Azad and not for me!” he joked.

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Aamir also spoke with pride about the work done by his Paani Foundation. Quizzed about why his popular talk show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ hasn’t returned to the small screen, he explained, “The entire ‘Satyamev Jayate’ team is currently involved in an important mission involving the drought that occurs every year in Maharashtra. We are trying to work with the villagers in all the areas where there is very scanty rainfall. This is the third year that we have been working here. Kiran and I started a non-profit company called Paani Foundation, in which the entire ‘Satyamev Jayate’ team is working. This is why we haven’t been able to return with the show on TV, because the work we are doing continues 24x7, all through the year. In the first year, we worked in three talukas, in approximately 116 villages. The second year, we worked in 30 talukas in 1300 villages. This year we are working in 75 talukas, and we are working with approximately 6000 villages. This work is very important and we are totally involved in it. We want to remain working with this issue until we find a complete solution to the problem.”

Of its success, we have no doubt. Is there anything this real life idol can’t do?!

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